Kingdom of Monkeys: the book
Photograph taken near Ubud, Bali, September 1997.  We were in the middle of a long bike ride and it was a good time to have a Coca-Cola.  Jan Potgeiter rides his bicycle all over the place in 'Balinese', but never once does he drink Coca-Cola.  

In "Balinese," Jan Potgeiter comes to Bali from Holland in the years before World War II. He settles in a village north of Ubud and sets about painting all of the wonder laid out before him. The more Bali's ways become his own, though, the nearer the Japanese invasion comes to the island's shores.

Author's Note:
"Balinese" came from reading, in a museum in Ubud, of how one of the Dutch painters on Bali during the 1930’s was arrested by the Dutch authorities for “indecent behaviour,” and following this was sent by the Japanese to Pare-Pare prison camp.

"Balinese" appeared previously in Best Canadian Stories (anthology), Oberon Press, 1999.


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