Kingdom of Monkeys: the book
Photograph taken at Sepilok Orangutan Rehabilitation Centre, Sabah, Borneo, November 1996.  In the story 'Kingdom of Monkeys', the narrator and her boyfriend, Hal, are frightened that they will be attacked by a large orangutan, but never are.  The couple in the picture really were attacked by an orangutan, but it was very small.  

In "Kingdom of Monkeys," the narrator and her boyfriend Hal arrive at a jungle camp in north Borneo, intent on patching up their relationship and spotting a wild orangutan. To the staid Muslim men who run the camp, however, it  is the narrator's liberated ways that are wild -- even dangerous.

Author's Notes:
“Kingdom of Monkeys” came from a story told by Uncle Tan, of Uncle Tan’s Jungle Camp, Sabah, about a French couple who stayed at his camp in order to work out their marital difficulties and the liquor-and-knives hijinx that ensued—though in his story it was the wife who had the knife.

“Kingdom of Monkeys” appeared previously in Zygote.


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