Kingdom of Monkeys: the book
Photograph taken at 'Elephant Camp', between Pai and Lahu Akhu, near the Tang River, Thailand, June 1997.  The westerners  in the picture are enjoying a hill country trek similar to the one Neh and Mr. Tong are meant to lead in 'Many Many Elephants.'  

"Many Many Elephants" is set in Chiang Mai, the largest city in northern Thailand and the centre for trekking groups taking tourists through the jungle. Neh works as a porter, but before his group can depart the tourists' passports must be taken away and photocopied by the guide, Mr. Tong. As they wait nervously for Mr. Tong to return, Neh tries to entertain the westerners with stories of his family, kick-boxing, the Lisu tribe, the Karen people, and the something that watches from the jungle.

Author's Note:
Passages in “Many Many Elephants” came verbatim from the mouth of a Thai trail guide.


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