Publications: Books

All-Day Breakfast.
Canada: Douglas & McIntyre, September 2012.

In the Fabled East.
USA: Douglas & McIntyre, 2011.
Canada: Douglas & McIntyre, 2010.

Empress of Asia.
USA: Thomas Dunne Books, March 2008.
Canada: Raincoast Books, 2006.

Kingdom of Monkeys: stories.
Canada: Raincoast Books, 2001. Bulgaria: Prozoretz, Sofia, 2002. (See the Bulgarian cover.)


"This is Not the End My Friend" in Darwin's Bastards: Astounding Tales from Tomorrow, Zsuzsi Gartner, editor. Douglas & McIntyre, April 2010.

"The Lost Colony" in MEET #12, Hadrien Laroche & Patrick Deville, editors. Saint-Nazaire, France, November 2008.

Various hockey articles in Uncle John's Bathroom Reader Shoots And Scores, Derek Fairbridge & Silas White, Editors. Raincoast Books, Vancouver, September 2005.

"Scenes from a War" in 04: Best Canadian Stories, Douglas Glover, Editor. Oberon Press, Ottawa, 2004.

"Burning the Cattle at Both Ends" in The Journey Prize Stories 16. McClelland & Stewart, Toronto, September 2004.

"Something Tells Me I'm Into Something Good," translated by Laurent Bury, in Vancouver, la mémoire des corps, Armand de Saint Saveur, Editor. Éditions Autrement, Paris, May 2004.

"Seven Years With Wallace" in Write Turns: New Directions in Canadian Fiction, Joy Gugeler, Editor. Raincoast Books, Vancouver, November 2001.

"Balinese" in 99: Best Canadian Stories, Douglas Glover, Editor. Oberon Press, Ottawa, 1999.

"The Distance Between Prague and New Orleans" in Scribner’s Best of the Fiction Workshops, Alice Hoffman, Editor. Simon & Schuster, New York, 1997.

Print Journals

"The Man Upstairs" in Event, New Westminster, Winter 2009.

Print Journals (cont.)

"The Lost Colony" and "Up Water Street With My Fifty-Five Dollar Pay Packet" in Event, New Westminster, Summer 2007.

"The Nootka Sound" in Geist, Vancouver, Spring 2007.

"Something Tells Me I'm Into Something Good" in PRISM international, Vancouver, Spring 2007.

"Halcyon Memories of SweaterLodge" in fifty3, Edmonton, Spring 2006.

"Beware the Cockeyed Millionaire" in Geist, Vancouver, Spring 2005.

"California" in Grain, Saskatoon, Summer 2004.

"Seasons in the Abyss" (non-fiction) in Geist, Vancouver, Winter 2003.

Cover detail from the LP "Music for Reading" by The Melachrino Strings & Orchestra, RCA Records, 1958. Demure yet sexy. That's something we can all aspire to.

Print Journals (cont.)

"Scenes from a War" in Geist, Vancouver, Fall 2003.

"Burning the Cattle at Both Ends" in This Magazine, Toronto, July/August 2003.

"Waterslide" in Event, New Westminster, Fall 2002, Issue 31-2.

"Bees in Their Boxes Thinking of Honey" in The New Quarterly, Waterloo, Winter 2001.

"Flat Little Persians" in PRISM international, Vancouver, Spring 2001.

"Timmy-Tim’s Big Escape" in sub-TERRAIN, Vancouver, Spring 2001.

"Pak Arafim the Pharmacist" in The Malahat Review, Victoria, Fall 2000.

"Abridgement of the History of the Reign of Ferdinand I and Isabella the Catholic" in Geist, Vancouver, Summer 2000.

"Kingdom of Monkeys" in Zygote, Winnipeg, Spring 2000.

"The Country Squire" in Zygote, Winnipeg, Winter/Spring 1999.

"House on Fire" in Grain, Regina, Winter 1997.