Kingdom of Monkeys: the book
Photograph taken at Oliverís Barbers, Quirino Avenue, Manila, November 1996.  Though Manila  makes a strong impression on the Jordan family in 'Beautiful Feet', they are only in the city for a few hours and do not even have time for a haircut.  Which is  too bad, because this was one of the best haircuts I ever had.  

In the novella "Beautiful Feet," the Jordan family -- Barney, Melissa, and sixteen-year-old Graeme -- travel to the Philippines on a Christian mission. Unfortunately the Christian Workers Fellowship has little use for them when they arrive in Manila, so the Jordans must travel into the hills of Luzon in search of a stray missionary. While Graeme struggles to come of age under his domineering father, Melissa realizes that, not only has she sacrificed herself for the sake of the family, but that Barney is bound to make martyrs of all of them. The novella reworks both Conrad's Heart of Darkness and the film Apocalypse Now.


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