Kingdom of Monkeys: the book

Photograph taken in Prague, January 1993.  Karel in 'Distance'  is based on the man in the jean jacket on the left of the picture, though in the story he’s the singer in his band, therefore he must also be based on the guy in the middle with the megaphone.

"Distance" describes how self-absorbed actor Timothy Carson, while making a film in Prague, decides that converting to Judaism will make him a deeper person. While he learns the troubled history of the Jewish people he must also deal with the death of his assistant, travelers cheques, adoring fans, lots of people with missing fingers, and his rivalry with Christian Slater.

Author's Note:
Though the story contains none of its elements, "Distance" was inspired by a dream wherein John Travolta was being pursued around Budapest by tiny robot dinosaurs.

"Distance" appeared previously as “The Distance Between Prague and New Orleans,” in Scribner’s Best of the Fiction Workshops (anthology), Simon & Schuster, 1997.


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